Qualities Of A Good Lending Procedure

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One of the major roles that every financial institution plays is making sure that clients will never doubt the safety of their deposits. With that in mind, all the transactions within or with other organizations must be properly analyzed to make sure the deposits are always safe. Lending is an activity the all financial institutions approach with a lot cautiously due to the high level of risk involved. Visit the web to read an interesting review of Lending Club. Below are five points that highlight a well-organized lending procedure.

Qualities of a good lending procedure

The Purpose.loan

For any individual or an organization to receive any funds from the lender, the purpose must be very clear to save the lender from giving out cash for a project that will have the funds lost leading to an endless tangle. With a clear purpose from the start, then it’s easier and a high percentage as you analyze other factors. The Clear the purpose the lower the risk and vice versa.


Life is full of uncertainty, and for any lender to give out any amount to a client, they must make sure that in case the client in unable to pay the given amount, they have a form of security which can be disposed to recover the cash.With a clear purpose, most client rarely finds it hard to repay the loaned amount. The lender must think of the unexpectable; the client may die or be declared bankrupt thus making it hard to receive the cash back as per the planned repayment schedule.


Every transaction that the lender carries out must give a profit to enhance the proper running of the activities. Profitability is a great lending principle that every lender cannot ignore, it’s the oil that keeps the lending machine running.

Liquidity analyses

A lender cannot lend and close down; there must be enough cash left to give out to others and keep the institution running.Before processing any funds, liquidity analysis is a key principle that every lender must do since the funds only come back in bits from the recipients.


holding moneyA calculated risk gives the lender a proper landing zone when the borrower’s background check is properly done. The lender may realize that taking some form of security at a certain time may be risky for a certain period and the preferred on other days. For example, a lender may deny any political leader any amount of funding during the election period when their only form of security is their job, since being re-elected won’t be a guarantee. The lender may also realize that they have taken land as security on a high percentages and decide to scale that down and go for other assets.