Popular Types of Men’s Watches

leather straps

Men’s watches are used for a lot more than just showing time. They can define the personality and character of the man, especially when you consider them as a fashion accessory. Watches such as HB watches come in different types and designs to cover the needs and preferences of every man. Some of the most popular types of men’s watches are highlighted below.

Dress Watman with a watchches

The dress watches are those which are specifically designed to complement formal wear such as business suits. They are not so much for accurate timekeeping, which is evident by the fact that they do not even have the second hands. Dress watches typically have a simple design with proper proportions to the wearer’s wrist. They do not draw much attention.

Field Watches

Field watches are usually quite rugged, designed to withstand harsh physical conditions. It is also simple to read the time on field watches irrespective of the lighting conditions. This is made possible by the performance of high contrast white numbering on a black dial. Traditionally leather and canvas are used for the bands because they are easy to replace when damaged or worn out. Metal bracelets are not commonly used for the filed watches because they scratch easily and are expensive to replace.

Dive Watches

Just as the name suggests, the dive watches are used by divers. They have a high rating for water resistance, which ensures that they continue working well even when they are several meters under water. They are designed to be very accurate in timekeeping because of how crucial timing is in diving. The materials used to make the dive watches are resistant to corrosion. The most popular materials used include titanium, stainless steel, rubber, and silicone. The bands are also made a bit longer so that they can fit comfortably over the bulky dive equipment.

Racing Watches

The color and design for racing watches usually tend to be a bit flashy. Two of the main features that define a racing watch are chronograph and tachymeter. For chronograph, the watches typically have a separate stopwatch function with extra pushers and sub-dials at the side. A tachymeter refers to a bezel type that does distance and time calculations. For example, the speed can be indicated by factoring in the time take to travel a known distance. Accurate time measurements can be taken even for fractions of a second.

Things A Pebble Watch Can Do


Pebble smart watch is growing popularity year after year. There is a lot in the application store to make Pebble wearers smile. With the many convincing and clever offers, even doubters and critics will be converted to smart watch wearers and believers.

Pebble watch

Acts like a remote camera shutter

Stars with Go Pros have a pebble application that can turn their Pebble watches to camera shutters. There is no more use of applications on smart phones, cameras or even remote controls. Obviously, users of smart phone cameras will have the same feature; all comes from watch applications like pebble snap, pebble camera, pebbcam and much more.

Shakes to receive Yelp recommendations

If one wants to look for loads of Yelp list to evaluate, they need a laptop or phone to use for the same. But with a pebble watch, you just have to open the Yelp pebble application then shake your arm, and get a recommendation for the nearest bar or restaurant. Once you have chosen an area, you can read reviews of the same place directly from your watch. This gives you an idea if the place you have just entered is amazing or it will be a waste of time and money.

Enables you check out a foursquare location

You only need to pull up Foursquare from your Pebble watch, and it gives you a list of all Foursquare locations near you. After that, you only need to press a button and check in. You will now become the major of your local coffee shop without having to struggle much.

Check out for sports scores

For fans of avid sports, an application in the Pebble watch called ESPN would be the big reason that will make you get the watch. At just a glance the user can check NHL, NFL, NBA, NCAA, MBL Football or NCAA baseball game scores. This makes those boring dinner parties or piano recital a bit bearable. You no longer have to be watching a game to know the scores. Yes, we sometimes get busy, and no time to visit areas to look at a game, this is where our Pebble watch comes in.

You can also send text messages from your watch

Major cell providers mostly provide text to email services, which enables delivery of short text message or emails to one’s phone in the form of a text message. The email- text application takes advantage of the services, and people start creating short messages like, “on my way,” “will call you later” to send to people when they do not want to pick up calls. This messages can be sent directly from your Pebble watch.

Helps you maintain your health and keep fit

As the developers term it as wearable technology device, then it should not be separated with health maintenance features. This is exactly what the developers of Pebble watch applications got right; the phones play store is filled with options of monitoring calories burned, sleep patterns, the number of steps taken and much more. All this is enabled by applications such as Let’s Move Movable, fantastic and much more. For those who do not want to quantify themselves, then you can choose applications illustrating a seven-minute workout, this makes it easy to refer from your watch.

Control your house

gold watchPebble has come together with I control, the developer of smart home technology and behind services like Time Warner, ADT, Comcast, Rogers, Box, Bright House and much more. Do not be surprised when your phone will be able to turn on lights or even unlock doors. Some users will not have to wait because they have some indie developers with applications such as leaf used to manage a Nest thermostat.