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    Process Of Manufacturing Paper Cups
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    Things A Pebble Watch Can Do
    Pebble smart watch is growing popularity year after year. There is a lot in the application store to make Pebble wearers smile.

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Kitty Litter Mat Buying Guide

Cats can really mess the house with litter, and they actually know how to do it very well. So if you happen to be tired of this mess; which I know you are, consider buying a kitty litter mat from a reliable store. It comes in handy in controlling how cats litter the house. So, as a starter, one need to understand some aspects concerning these wonderful mats for your cherished pet.

The buying guide to kitty litter mat

What is a kitty litter mat

Cats are unique, and they feel the need to cover their waste. Once they are through on the provided crib, their paws become messy which can easily be transferred to the nicely cleaned floor, carpet, couches or even the bed. No one wants to cross lines with their pets. Therefore the litter mat comes in. It is placed in a way that the cat will step on it when coming out of the crib. It is made of mesh that cleans the paw when the cat steps on it. Then the dirt settles at the bottom.


Qualities of a good kitty litter mat

If you are going to pick one from the back streets, you probably will get one as good as nothing. Remember it needs to clean the paws as the cat is walking away and mostly unaware of what is happening. The mat needs to be of high-quality material so that it does not wear out first and the mesh must be convenient to clean the paws very fast and thoroughly. According to customer reviews, the double layer mat is better than the others as it can hold dirt beneath the top layer. It only needs emptying once in a week.

If the cat is messy, then picking a large mat will ensure thorough cleaning before the cat steps on the floor and one will have to take a couple of days before emptying it. One may also need to consider the colors and general looks so that the mat can blend well with the theme of the house.dgdgdfgdfg

Benefits of kitty litter mats

One major benefit of using this mat is to avoid passing the cats litter all over the house. The cat will not care or find it a big deal. Therefore, the sooner someone care, the better for the house. It also keeps the cat health by avoiding infections and discomfort that is caused by the litter. Above all, it makes your pet happy to be well taken care of.




Pizza is considered the world’s most nutritious fast food. It is basically a type of bread which is flat shaped and garnished with various kinds of sauces, preferably tomato, sprinkled with grated cheese and baked under moderate temperature in an oven.

Cooking can be an uphill task especially when you are not in the mood so what better way to fill your stomach than to order a pizza from a high-end restaurant? Even better, make it just the way you want it. Pizza is a meal that first originated from Italy but the innovative minds have added some taste to it by adding more vegetables and meat. What’s more, it suits the gastric needs of everyone! For the vegetarians, a pizza made entirely with vegetables is available, for those whose stomachs are intolerable to red meat, a chicken pizza is specially made for them.

Did you know that pizza menus can be made online? Here’s how to do it


222lkjYou need to have a perfect layout that will serve your customers right.

The content

As attractive as you’ll make it look, at the end of the day, people will focus on what matters most, the pizza! Outline the different kinds of pizzas that are available for delivery along with the price for each package.


Use a font that will grab attention in any site you have it posted. Fonts that will spell out a delicious juicy pizza when looked at, are a very precious asset that are not to be overlooked or sidelined.

The borders

You can opt for the tantalizing ones on the leading fast food websites. You can also decide to do without.

 The colors

The overall look of the menu rides on the background color you pick for your menu. For instance, the red colors will have the beholder spoilt for options on which pizza to order.

With the above steps followed to the letter, you can’t go wrong with it. You finally have to place your menu on different sites online along with your e-mail address then constantly check your mail.

3333lkjContact your pizza loving friends and encourage them to view your menu, you could be surprised at the results. You can also get some ideas by looking at the various templates outlined on different sites online then add a touch of your own creativity.

Try it out and see how fast, easy and fun it is to make your own pizza menu online.Seo, Marketing, Service

How to identify a genuine pomsky puppy


One of the several hybrid breeds of canine available today could be the pomsky Puppy and that is a cross breed concerning a husky as well as a Pomeranian. If you are looking for a pomsky puppy, I’ve got a baby pomsky to sell! Puppies, Like all living creature, can modify eventually, whether it is their disposition or their coloration, so it’s important to grasp these qualities just before buying a single. It is also vital to understand the instruction necessary to raise a cheerful, healthy Puppy.

Pomsky dogs

1. Playful character and its attractive, fluffy coatdfsfdsfsdfs

The two husky and Pomeranians are known as a fun, beautiful dogs, so it happens to be considered one of the most popular cross-breeds close to. These pomsky puppies are the too intelligent and energetic, looking for a technique to communicate with persons. They take pleasure in twiddling with toys and taking part in the online games. For that reason, it could be an awesome breed for your family. For an interesting working experience, elevating pomsky puppies together will give for entertaining interactions since they expand up.

2. Check on the physical features

These gorgeous pomsky puppies have thick coats with very long fur, in addition to a pointed nose surrounded by a mane of hair. Their erect ears provide them with the looks of usually currently being warned and aware of their surroundings.

Their faces seem extra like Pomeranian puppies than Huskies, although the husky breed is very notable in other elements. They are quiet and friendly, which make them perfect Animals for anyone. They may be so pleasant that anyone can be attracted to them.

3. Look at the dimension, their personalities

Persons enjoy these pomsky puppies because of their dimension, their personalities, and their love for Other folks. Pomsky dogs make great Animals, as They are really warm, cuddly, and affectionate. It’s not at all easy to seek out them.

4. Sleepsadsadasdad

An eight-week-old pomsky puppy will sleep between 18 and 22 hours a day. If you have children in the house, make sure they understand that they have to play to the puppy’s routine, and not to theirs. Puppies have very sharp teeth and like to chew anything, and that includes fingers and toes.

In case you have the interest to acquire them for you, you should do a little research on the net. You could read some on the web critiques, so you’re able to discover more details on them. There are numerous sellers advertising them at economical selling prices. On the web is the right location to obtain them.

How to download your preferred tunes



If you like to listen to music like many people around the world do, it is always best to have a place where you can download some free rap beats when you feel like you want to listen to some music. However, finding a good site to get the tunes you want can be a little confusing. In this article, we will give you a guide to selecting a reliable source.

Step one – The music genrehlltgjrk

We all have preferences when it comes to the type of music we like. Some people like pop or rock while others like hip hop, so it is imperative that you know what songs and music you like.

Step two – Finding the site

You can start by searching online for a website that specializes in the genre of music you like. You can also look for artist names or the title of the track when you do your search. You will probably be given millions of results. You can go through each one and check which site would suit your preferred type of music.

Step three – Reliability

Since the internet is a place where many unscrupulous people lurk, there could be websites that promote themselves as music portals but would only try to promote other products to give the site owners revenue. If the site sells music tracks, then you can be sure it is only about music and nothing else, which is fine. Some sites can give you free downloads, but some songs may require you to make a small payment.

jyhjt;kbmvStep four – Safety

You must be sure that the sites you patronize are safe and not infected with malware or viruses. There are many times people have downloaded music along with other malware that can steal your personal information and damage your device badly. Only use sites that have a good reputation for providing safe and quality tracks, and it won’t hurt to have a reliable anti-virus and anti-malware program running on your device.

Step five – Downloading quality & speed

If you want to download quality mp3 files and not ones that are too compressed, you will need to check that and also the speed at which the files can be downloaded. Ensure the site is reliable and not one that has just popped out of nowhere. Read a few reviews about the site so you can learn about the experience that others have had with the site.

Things to look at when reading toaster – oven reviews


Nowadays, there are a wide variety of toaster-oven and options to select from. In addition to this, the recent toasters seem more complicated in functionality as opposed to their predecessors. This makes the shopping experience even tough. However, going through a toaster oven review can ease this task.asdcasd`szdvsz

A toaster oven review can help you have a picture of how your kitchen will appear after having such a machine. Reviews from kitchenapplianceexpert.com serve many functions such as knowing the advantages and disadvantages of a toaster, the cost, durability its features among others. There are five key aspects to consider while reading toaster oven reviews. These are; the brand, price, size price, features, and warranty.


Currently, there are many suppliers of toaster ovens. These suppliers offer different quality brands. Buying a toaster oven that will serve you for long without breaking down, therefore very important. Going through various reviews will help one know the most reputable companies before making a decision on what to buy.


Depending on one’s budget, you can have different types of toasters. The number of features in the toaster-oven can also determine Price. One may be willing to pay more for a feature that is in one toaster and not another. Having in mind the amount you would wish to spend while buying a toaster- oven is important. Going through a review can serve as a valuable guide to knowing the price ranges of these appliances.

Size and appearance

A larger size gives room to do more functions at a go as opposed to a smaller size. However, the constraints of space can determine the size and appearance of toaster -oven chosen. While selecting the size and appearance of the toaster, you should ensure that it allows you to do other kitchen chores comfortably. In addition to this, is should match with the type of appliances available in your kitchen. For individuals using toaster –oven for commercial appliances going for a larger size would be more appropriate as it does a lot at a given time.

dcaqdsdc vxaqdsxWarranty

Different brands will come with different time warranties. However choosing a toaster-oven with a warranty is wise, as one is not assured of quality. Going through toaster- oven reviews will inform you of which brands have a warranty and the warranty time.


A product review can serve to show the features available in different brands. However, It can hard task to find a toaster that has all the features you wish for. Nevertheless one should not ignore the features he /she considers most essential. The important features are based on individual needs. One must determine what the appliance will be used for to make this decision.

A closer look at what towing companies do


A good towing company provides efficient towing services to its all customers. To provide excellent service on time, every company has a team of professionals in towing. Various companies provide different services and at different prices. The primary goal of a towing company is to provide dependable services in time and at a competitive price. Anyone can find himself or herself in a situation that needs towing. Nowadays many people have personal or even commercial vehicles. In case these units fail to move when on the road, you need to contact road side assistance in Manhattan to help you out. When looking for one, most people prefer working with a company that offers quality services without charging much. As such, here are some of services offered by towing companies.

Scrap removal servicesasdcsZDcvsZDVas

Scrap are often the aftermath of an accident when a car is beyond repair. As such, allowing companies helps in moving crashed and unwanted cars. By removing scrap in a vehicle you can use that space for kids to play, or to store anything. Scrap car removal can get rid of that vehicle along with all those problems it has created for you.

Accident car towing

Accidents occur unexpectedly and often at the most inconvenient time. For instance, in the winter season, there is a likelihood of being involved in a car crash. So having a towing company in mind can save you unnecessary troubles when in such a situation. Besides, working with the right company will guarantee you of fast response times.

dxaqdsazxcaxswdxsdxChanging flat tires

There is nothing that can be frustrating as a flat tire in the middle of a long trip. Moreover, this trouble can be great if you are not in a position to change it. To avoid this frustration, it can be an excellent idea to contact the nearest towing company to help you out. They do not have to tow your car. Instead, they can help you replace it.

The only way you can have the best towing services is by working with the best. This includes looking at a company that charges fair rates, responds fast and gave the right towing machines. Besides, it is also prudent to check the license and experience of the company. This is a good way to ensure you are working with the right people.

Renting vs buying a home – the debate rages on



Making the decision on whether to rent or buy a property can be tough. That is why it is a good idea to see a realtor like thehousecompany.com as there are so many aspects to consider. You need to remember that each case is different and there are no strict criteria to make the decision for you. Thus, both renting and buying have their pros and cons .

Advantages of Renting

Lower Upfront Costs – When buying a house, it requires an individual to pay a hefty down payment for the property, including several housing costs like a home inspection, closing costs, etc. Unlike buying, renting will only require an individual to pay the first and last month’s rental payment plus a security deposit to the landlord.

 Changing Career

There are times that people tend to change their careers in a short period. When you are in this situation, renting is a better option. When you have plans on moving and relocating to another area due to a career change, you don’t have to worry about any other expenses with the property you currently live at.

 No Maintenance costs

222lkjWhen there are several repairs on the property you rent, you do not have to worry and call the hardware store, rather just call your landlord. In most cases of renting, maintenance costs are shouldered by the owner themselves.

· Incidental Expenses – In certain situations that include accidents or damages that an individual has clearly done on the property, the person will only shoulder a part of the cost of the repairs needed and mostly still shouldered by the landlord.

Disadvantages of Renting

  •  Renting limits you to decorating your own home.
  •  You are subjected to follow your landlord rules and decisions
  •  You have no control over price fluctuations in rental payments.
  •  There is no equity built on the property whenever you pay your rentals.

Advantages of Buying

  • Builds Equity – Unlike renting, whenever you pay your mortgage you increase the degree of ownership you have to your property in every payment.
  • Tax deductions – Owning a home can also open the opportunity to decrease your property tax payment or mortgage interest. In most cases, the IRS also excludes individuals regarding “capital gains” from the profits of the home when it is for sale.
  •  Have control over the whole interior and exterior design – owning the home or property means having the full rights to use it whatever way you want. This allows an individual to have complete control of his/her property.
  •  Maintenance Choices – maintenance of your home can be your decision as well. You could either call a contractor to do the tasks for you or you can be a DIY in the maintenance of your home.

Disadvantages of Buying

333lkjMany financial experts say that owning a house is simply an investment. This means that as the dynamic housing market turns into a more vibrant market, real estate markets always vary widely – which means that every consumer should become sophisticated both in their finances but also the data that the market produces.

Types Of Walkie-Talkies


Walkie-talkies have been popular for many years. They have been of appropriate use and ease in operation thus making them a must have in any home. These devices can provide a person with an easy and quick clean accessibility to communication for almost any need possible. The devices are of different types, and they range from kids to professional type radios. The good thing is, both of them help in two-way communication between two people within some kilometers. That said below are different types of walkie talkie

Kid’s walkie talkiesdfghjkllllhgfd

The kid’s walkie talkies are lovely toys and are fun for children. The gadgets rare light in weight and are made from plastic. These devices also come in colorful colors and designs that are of exciting to children. They are powered by either double or triple A batteries, and are usually two-way as they come in a set of two and cover a radius of fifty to two hundred meters. Kids can use them to play around the house and can be great fun to them. Whether it is a hide and seek game, role plays among other children’s games.

This talkie radios can be of excitement to parents and their children. Some folks also use them for checking on their toddler in bed or keep her quite as they do other chores. Among the favorites walkie-talkie radios for kids include the fifty-meter high-quality walkie-talkie, Phone shaped kids walkie talkie, and interphone.  If you were thinking of getting the best walkie -talkies for whatever reasons, then you need to read more here and be sure to like what you will see.

wfghjklhgfdsalkie talkie toy

Walkie talkie for invalid and senior citizen
Walkie talkies are also perfect for people who are confined to bed at home either due to sickness or old age and may require home care. The device will be used in communicating with the sick or old aged person with the home care nurse. Thus if the nurse is occupied with other home chores and the sick needs her attention they will be able to communicate over the radio.

This device can also be tied up to a waist or convenient place which is easily accessible. Its communication radius ranges between two hundred meters and a thousand meters thus ensuring a smooth contact with the nurse at any time irrespective of where she is at home. Some of the walkie-talkie radios which can be used for the same purpose include Linton 6000 two-way radio, FT 2688talkbout walkie talkie, etc.

Today walkie-talkie has become of wider use as they have spread to public safety, job site, and commercial work and they are used widely across public, private and industrial sectors.

Qualities Of A Good Lending Procedure


One of the major roles that every financial institution plays is making sure that clients will never doubt the safety of their deposits. With that in mind, all the transactions within or with other organizations must be properly analyzed to make sure the deposits are always safe. Lending is an activity the all financial institutions approach with a lot cautiously due to the high level of risk involved. Visit the web to read an interesting review of Lending Club. Below are five points that highlight a well-organized lending procedure.

Qualities of a good lending procedure

The Purpose.fgfdgdfgdfg

For any individual or an organization to receive any funds from the lender, the purpose must be very clear to save the lender from giving out cash for a project that will have the funds lost leading to an endless tangle. With a clear purpose from the start, then it’s easier and a high percentage as you analyze other factors. The Clear the purpose the lower the risk and vice versa.


Life is full of uncertainty, and for any lender to give out any amount to a client, they must make sure that in case the client in unable to pay the given amount, they have a form of security which can be disposed to recover the cash.With a clear purpose, most client rarely finds it hard to repay the loaned amount. The lender must think of the unexpectable; the client may die or be declared bankrupt thus making it hard to receive the cash back as per the planned repayment schedule.


Every transaction that the lender carries out must give a profit to enhance the proper running of the activities. Profitability is a great lending principle that every lender cannot ignore, it’s the oil that keeps the lending machine running.

Liquidity analyses

A lender cannot lend and close down; there must be enough cash left to give out to others and keep the institution running.Before processing any funds, liquidity analysis is a key principle that every lender must do since the funds only come back in bits from the recipients.


dfgdfgdfgdfgdgA calculated risk gives the lender a proper landing zone when the borrower’s background check is properly done. The lender may realize that taking some form of security at a certain time may be risky for a certain period and the preferred on other days. For example, a lender may deny any political leader any amount of funding during the election period when their only form of security is their job, since being re-elected won’t be a guarantee. The lender may also realize that they have taken land as security on a high percentages and decide to scale that down and go for other assets.

Benefits Of Digital Marketing


Marketing is critical when it comes to the success of any business. However, it is important for people to understand that marketing is also very dynamic and business that understands this may find itself in a big mess. One of the current marketing strategies that are currently in the market is digital marketing. Any business that perfectly understands the art of digital marketing stands a good chance of outdoing their competitors. In this article, we are going to explore some of the benefits that a company is likely to get by making use of digital marketing. Those benefits include;

Connect you to consumers

We are living in a technology era where a good number of people are using the internet to do some research before gfhjkhgfdxghjkpurchasing products/services. In fact, it is estimated that about 80% of people search for information on the internet before making a decision. This, therefore, tells you that the easiest way to connect with your potential consumers is by the use of the internet. However, this does not just come like that; you need to ensure that your website is well optimized. Importantly, you should understand that SEO Heroes is a digital marketing agency.

Saves your money

Successive business always strives to minimize expenses while they maximize on profits. Employing digital marketing in your business is a great way to save you. This is because it is very cheap to promote your business through online platforms. For instance, the cost of hiring a physical ground for marketing purpose is quite higher when compared to that of running a website.

Good relationship

Another good thing about digital marketing is that it cultivates the relationship between you and your customers or even potential customers. This is because they are always in touch with you 24 hours a day. So with this, if there is any problem with the product or service that you sold them, they can notify it so that you can square it out with them at as soon as possible.

Easy tfghjkhgfdsfghjkgo monitor

Despite the fact, that digital marketing enhances the relationship you and your customer, it is also easy to monitor. In digital marketing, you can monitor the amount of money that you make from your marketing activity on a daily basis. Also, it makes it easy for you to monitor and account for the customers that you have.

Get ahead of your competitors

There are many people and business organizations that have not realize the importance of employing digital marketing in their business. So by you considering digital marketing, you will be far ahead of your competitors regarding business returns and so on.

A Guide To Buying A Good Camping Cot


If you are that type, that spends most of your time outdoors, then you know how great camping cot are. They will always make you nights smooth with soundless sleep.

Some people do not know what to look at whenever they think of buying a camping cot for spending their time outdoors. There are a few things that you need to consider before buying any camping equipment. You first need to ask yourself some fundamental questions like; How comfortable do you want to be in your bed? Are you capable of transporting the camping cot? How much money do you have and so forth? In this article, you are going to provide with some of the primary considerations that you need to make.


First and foremost, a good camping cot needs to be comfortable. Camping outside does not always provide an entirely level ground. This, therefore, tells you that for your camping cot to be in a better position in providing the comfort that you may desire, it must have some special features to take of that. Also, you need to make sure that the whatever camping cot you intend to buy is not too short to the extent of making you coil like a snake involuntarily.

The second thing is the ergonomic features.

Ergonomic features will determine the effectiveness of the camping cot. You need to find out whether it is a lightweight or a heavyweight. A heavyweight may not be that convenient as it is portability level is questionable. Another question that you need to ask yourself is; does it fall nicely? Can it accommodate you? If the answer to all this is yes, then you can comfortably go for that camping cot.


The camping sdfghjhgfdfghcot is meant to be used outdoors. This means that they need to easily carried to wherever the destination that they are needed. In this matter, you need to remember that the materials that make up this product determine its portability. Some valuable materials like aluminum have been known to possess the unique ability to be light. So you need to make sure that you are familiar with the material used.

The durability

It will be discouraging to buy a camping cot, and after few days you find it totally worn out. To avoid such scenarios, it is advisable that you make duration a consideration in the buying process. You need to check on the durability of the material that is used to make up the camping cot.

Things A Pebble Watch Can Do


Pebble smart watch is growing popularity year after year. There is a lot in the application store to make Pebble wearers smile. With the many convincing and clever offers, even doubters and critics will be converted to smart watch wearers and believers.

Pebble watch

Acts like a remote camera shutter

Stars with Go Pros have a pebble application that can turn their Pebble watches to camera shutters. There is no more use of applications on smart phones, cameras or even remote controls. Obviously, users of smart phone cameras will have the same feature; all comes from watch applications like pebble snap, pebble camera, pebbcam and much more.

Shakes to receive Yelp recommendations

If one wants to look for loads of Yelp list to evaluate, they need a laptop or phone to use for the same. But with a pebble watch, you just have to open the Yelp pebble application then shake your arm, and get a recommendation for the nearest bar or restaurant. Once you have chosen an area, you can read reviews of the same place directly from your watch. This gives you an idea if the place you have just entered is amazing or it will be a waste of time and money.

Enables you check out a foursquare location

You only need to pull up Foursquare from your Pebble watch, and it gives you a list of all Foursquare locations near you. After that, you only need to press a button and check in. You will now become the major of your local coffee shop without having to struggle much.

Check out for sports scores

For fans of avid sports, an application in the Pebble watch called ESPN would be the big reason that will make you get the watch. At just a glance the user can check NHL, NFL, NBA, NCAA, MBL Football or NCAA baseball game scores. This makes those boring dinner parties or piano recital a bit bearable. You no longer have to be watching a game to know the scores. Yes, we sometimes get busy, and no time to visit areas to look at a game, this is where our Pebble watch comes in.

You can also send text messages from your watch

Major cell providers mostly provide text to email services, which enables delivery of short text message or emails to one’s phone in the form of a text message. The email- text application takes advantage of the services, and people start creating short messages like, “on my way,” “will call you later” to send to people when they do not want to pick up calls. This messages can be sent directly from your Pebble watch.

Helps you maintain your health and keep fit

As the developers term it as wearable technology device, then it should not be separated with health maintenance features. This is exactly what the developers of Pebble watch applications got right; the phones play store is filled with options of monitoring calories burned, sleep patterns, the number of steps taken and much more. All this is enabled by applications such as Let’s Move Movable, fantastic and much more. For those who do not want to quantify themselves, then you can choose applications illustrating a seven-minute workout, this makes it easy to refer from your watch.

Control your house

dsc-vzsPebble has come together with I control, the developer of smart home technology and behind services like Time Warner, ADT, Comcast, Rogers, Box, Bright House and much more. Do not be surprised when your phone will be able to turn on lights or even unlock doors. Some users will not have to wait because they have some indie developers with applications such as leaf used to manage a Nest thermostat.

Process Of Manufacturing Paper Cups


Paper cups are a type of disposable cups used to take drinks. They are used everywhere, in schools, office, hospitals, and even as one is traveling. The manufacturing of paper cups started in the early 1900s; the major intention was to prevent the spread of diseases. Such cups are not made to be re used, taking drinks from paper cups prevents the spread of diseases, germs from one person to another hence enhancing good health. Other than paper cups being hygienic, they bring a lot of conveniences and makes life very simple. You do not need to wash paper cups after use. Research shows that around 220 billion people in the world use paper cups.

Manufacturing paper cups


qwdesadfThe procurement unit in the manufacturing company purchases large rolls of paper. One side of the paper is coated with a plastic material and is meant to make the inner part of the cup. The next step is feeding the cup into a machine for printing designs on the other side of the paper. After the printing task is over, the paper is pushed to another machine which cuts the designed paper into small sheets known as flats. A single flat makes one piece of the cup. The size of the cup is also determined by the size of the flat.


The flat stacks are then passed through a big machine, which rolls then to make a cylindrical shape while at the same time sealing by applying heat on wax already applied on the inner part of the paper making the cup. Another paper is simultaneously being feed to the machine from the far end and is rolled into circles which will be used to make the cup base. A square strip is obtained after the circles are made, this is thrown away and recycled. At the end of this stage, the cylinders and bases are sealed together to make a complete cup. Sealing is done through a heating procedure.

Rim formation and packaging

The already made cups are moved to another machine using a chute. This machine is used to form the rim of the cup by rolling the paper on its top. After this, the cups are sent for packaging, where they are put into tubes of the cup sizes forming stacks. A single stack should carry a certain number of cups, so when a stack gets enough the stack is passed to another machine which wraps a plastic sheet around it and seals it. Such a package is ready for shipment. The whole process of making and packaging the cups takes around a minute.


swdcfdsfIt is very rare to get leaking paper cups. The cups are randomly taken from the line of production for testing. The cups chosen for testing are placed in a holder designed specifically for testing which is placed on top of a mirror which makes it possible for the tester to ensure that they are not leaking. In case any leak is detected, the particular line of production is stopped until the problem is detected and corrected.